The advice I'd give an author thinking about going with Yates & Yates: a lot of agents aren't even necessarily lawyers in the sense of knowing the ins and outs of legalities and contracts. You're gaining someone who'll be with you for the whole process. I always thought a literary agent got you a contract, or a book deal, and then just left. But the best part of Yates & Yates is constant contact.

Client Since 2012

The difference is like having someone on your baseball team who knows how to play baseball and having Mickey Mantle. It makes such a big difference.”

Client Since 2010

You’ve got to have an agent, but you’ve got to have a good agent. I think you want to get one that will partner with you, that will stick with you, that’s not a once every 18-months agent, but will see it through the entire process. That’s what I found in Yates & Yates that I haven’t really seen anybody else experience.

Client Since 2007

As a first time author, it was so encouraging having someone in my corner who was advocating and supporting me. Such an encouragement to me having someone who could advocate for me and shared my love for Christ and a passion for the message I was trying to get out.

Client Since 2010

I’m very grateful to have had this relationship with Yates & Yates. I have no deeper relationship outside my family than with Yates & Yates.

Client Since 1979

Yates & Yates are advisors, counselors, they’re pathfinders for me, they’re creative. Some of my greatest moments as an author have been sitting down with them talking about how we can take a book to the next level. My success as an author can be directly attributed to Yates & Yates and what they’ve done for me and the years and time you’ve invested in me.

Client Since 1990

There’s a relationship centered around ministry and common passion for glorifying Christ. Yates & Yates have been absolutely incredible, on a deeper level, personally, relationally. I’m just extremely thankful to god for his grace and providing relationship with these guys and partnership in ministry.

Client Since 2008

I’ve been set free to write my books and not worry about all the interaction with publishers. Always confident that wherever I’m involved in publishing, I am well represented.

Client Since 1993

Everything I’ve done, I’ve done with Yates & Yates. And it’s been worth it.

Client Since 1999

When I entered the publishing world, I fell into the deep end fast. I didn’t know what I was doing. To bring Curtis, Sealy, and Matt into the picture was a gift. I could focus on what God put me on earth to do, and they could focus on the business of it.”