Working in publishing since 1973, Yates & Yates provides decades worth of unparalleled experience in serving authors at every level, from first time authors to multi-million selling mega author brands, and partnering with publishers all across the industry. In addition, as trained intellectual property attorneys, we bring a breadth and depth of legal acumen to bear for our clients that is unmatched.


With decades of trusted relationships in the publishing industry, Yates & Yates brings a wealth of experience in working with major brand authors. We serve as a spokesperson, advocate, mediator, and bridge builder on your behalf, connecting you with our extensive network, and helping you master, balance, and steward the many dimensions of your calling.


As a Yates & Yates author, you’ll receive guidance from experienced veterans who have trail-blazed and traversed some of the most complicated, challenging, and rewarding obstacles in publishing. We are your collaborative partners, your confidential lawyers, and we are proud that our authors regularly come to us for advice, counsel, and guidance as they navigate the twists and turns of the publishing industry.

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