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New Release: Now or Never :: Making Ideas Matter | Yates & Yates Blog

New Release: Now or Never

By · Jan 10 2012

Today marks the release of an important new book by Senator Jim DeMint – Now or Never: Saving America from Economic Collapse. Senator DeMint’s central argument is that the 2012 election is America’s last chance to prevent an economic Armageddon.  The federal government is over $15 TRILLION in debt with nearly $100 TRILLION in unfunded long-term liabilities.  If current trends continue, the nation’s debt will soon exceed its total economic output.  Credit rating agencies and capital fund managers around the world are now questioning if the U.S. has the political will or the means to pay this debt.  America’s creditors will soon cut off the loan spigot if Washington doesn’t get control of its spending and debt. If we fail to elect leaders in the next election who will dramatically alter our course, we will pass the point of no return and our fate will be sealed. 

Here’s the flap copy:

America is at more than just a crossroads. She is at the brink. A future of freedom and prosperity can still be had should Americans show the will to chart such a path. But simply continuing with business as usual has literally brought us to the edge of destruction.

Decades of reckless spending by both parties have given us massive debt and an unsustainable size of government without precedent in this nation’s history. President Obama was elected promising “hope” and “change.”  Yet for most Americans, hope for a better future is at an all-time low due to a president and a Democratic party hell-bent on maintaining the status quo.

Just as much blame lies with Republicans. But with grassroots conservative activists and millions of Americans from across the political spectrum now fed up with Washington, the big government types in both parties are in retreat. Any debate over debt or the current direction of politics now has the media establishment wondering if the Tea Party is running Washington. We can only hope.

The next election offers Americans a grand opportunity to turn this country around. Not by simply electing the same old Republicans over Democrats, but by supporting a new breed of conservative leaders dedicated to substantive change – who will reduce spending, balance the budget, decentralize power, restore the Constitution, and reclaim what made America exceptional in the first place.

We have reached a point in our history where we absolutely cannot afford to continue making the same bad choices that are leading to economic collapse. More Americans than ever have reached the same conclusion.

This moment is critical. It really is Now or Never.

This powerful book includes essays by Senators Pat Toomey, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, and Tom Coburn, Congressman Steve King, and Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey. These serve to enhance Senator DeMint’s argument and bolster the credibilty of his urgent plea.

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