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Orphan Sunday – November 6 :: Making Ideas Matter | Yates & Yates Blog

Orphan Sunday – November 6

By · Nov 01 2011

Adoption and orphan care are near and dear to my heart. God placed a burden for orphans on my heart and my wife’s heart about five or six years ago. Thankfully, He began working in both our hearts at the same time, and that led to the adoption of our son, Daniel in 2008 (pictured above). Since that time, we have gotten involved in orphan care issues on several different fronts, including working with Katie Davis and Amazima Ministries.

In the last couple years, we have become aware of the annual commemoration of Orphan Sunday, a day for the Church to remember the plight of orphans all over the world and to rededicate itself to the biblical responsibility to care for orphans in their distress. This year, Orphan Sunday is this Sunday, November 6.

In anticipation of Orphan Sunday, I wanted to share this video of David Platt discussing adoption. I filmed this video several months back on the 405 Freeway en route to LAX. At the time, David and his wife, Heather, who adopted their first child from Kazakhstan, were in the process of adopting from Nepal and China. Since that time, things in Nepal have fallen through. But, today the Platts are hoping to travel very soon to bring home their little girl from China. Having already experienced the blessing of adoption, David shares why he and Heather continue to adopt.

If you’re interested in learning more about Orphan Sunday, watch the video below and then go to the Adoption Journey site where you can find all sorts of resources for Orphan Sunday. I’d also encourage you to visit the Orphan Sunday site, which has, among other things, a list of 25 examples of ways, small and large, that churches participated in Orphan Sunday in 2010.

Adoption Journey – Tony & Lauren Dungy from Adoption Journey on Vimeo.

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